Show #11

Beer 101: BIAB Brewing (Brewing In a Bag)
Ingredient/Item of the week: Wort Chiller


Young Double Chocolate Stout


St. Sebastiaan Dark (Dubbel)



3 Responses to Show #11

  • Bpanther says:

    Great Show! I keep on learning :)

  • Chess Griffin says:

    You guys continue to do awesome work. I picked up a bottle of the Young Double Chocolate Stout based on both of your recommendations. Look forward to trying it tonight. Also, I’ll be trying my first bottle from my first Mr. Beer brew! It’s early — they’ve only been conditioning 2 weeks and I know the recommended is 4, but I want to try one this week and then next week so I can learn what it tastes like when it’s early. Keep doing the great work, guys!

  • Mike F. says:

    Ok Door. I normally wouldn’t do this, but you are forcing me to go outside of my comfort zone. I am actually going to try something new and buy a bottle of the Young Double Chocolate Stout. Your review caught my interest.

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